You can change settings like themes, font-size and more inside OmniSets. Here's how:

Hide Nested Folders

If you didn't know already, you can nest folders on OmniSets. This means you can have folders inside of folders. So for example, if you had a folder called AP World History, you can have Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, etc. inside of it. This is useful for organizing your sets. However, those unit folders will still show up as individual folders on your dashboard page. If you'd like to hide those folders, you can do so by enabling Hide Nested Folders.

Auto-Focus Term Box

After adding a new card, the term box will be automatically focused ready for you to start typing. This is useful if you are adding many cards or studysets in a short period of time.

This setting is saved to your browser.

Highlight Duplicates

If a duplicate card is found in the card editor, it will be highlighted in orange. While in the card editor, OmniSets will occasionally check for duplicate content in your cards. You can also manually check for duplicates, by clicking on the Duplicates button, then tapping on the Analyze button.

This setting is saved to your browser, meaning that it will only be applied to the browser you are currently using. When you switch devices or browsers, you will have to enable this setting again.

Flashcard Text Size

You can change the size of the text on flashcards. This is useful if you have a lot of text on your flashcards and want to fit more on the screen. You can choose from Small, Normal, Large, and Largest.

Font Size will only be changed for all flashcards on valid studyset pages. The following pages are valid studyset pages:

  • Flashcard Mode and StudySet Page

  • Quiz Mode

  • Match Mode

  • Spell Mode

  • Study Mode


You can change the appearance of OmniSets. You can choose from 12 different themes. Themes will be applied to all pages on OmniSets and saved to your account.