In this guide, we’ll look at you can share studysets with friends and students.

Currently, there's only one way to share studysets with friends. This feature is called Sharelink and can be enabled at any time.

What is a Sharelink?

A sharelinked studyset means that the studyset is available to anyone with the custom generated link. This link can be shared with anyone, and they will be able to access the studyset without having to log in.

How to enable Sharelink

To enable Sharelink, create a new regular studyset and then click Viewing in the bottom right corner. Then select Private Link and hit save.

If you already have a studyset, you can enable Sharelink by clicking Edit Set in the StudySet page, switch viewing permissions to Private Link and hit save.

Then, just share the URL of the studyset with your friends and peers!

Visual Guide

  1. Go to a studyset.
  1. Click Edit Set.
  1. Change Visibility to Private Link.
  1. Click Save.
  1. You're done 🎉