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The Study Mode is an AI powered tool that helps you study your flashcards. It will serve you with multiple choice, written response and true or false questions. It will also keep track of your progress and has some other cool features that can make your studying experience easier. Enough talking, let's dive in!

Heads Up! Most features in this guide requires you to have an account with OmniSets. If you don't have one, you can sign up for free at OmniSets.

Starting a Study Session

The first thing you want to do is enter the Study mode. You can do this by going to any studyset you want, and clicking on the Study ⚡️ button on the right side of the page. Here's what that looks like:

You don't need to fork a studyset to study it, you can also just jump into studying sets from the Library!

Initial Settings and Options

Once you click on the Study ⚡️ button, you'll be greeted with a screen that looks like this:

Let's explore these options a bit:

  • Answer With: Allows you to choose how you want to answer the questions. Do you want OmniSets to ask the term and you provide the definition or vice versa?
  • Card Selection: Usually All Cards, but if you have starred more than 5 cards in that deck, you can choose to study only the starred cards.
  • Question Types: You can choose which types of questions you want to be asked. You can choose from Multiple Choice, Written Response and True or False. You can use CTRL + Click to select multiple options.
  • Adaptive Questions: An AI feature that will decide the question types based on your mastery of each specific card.
  • Force Rewrite: When you mess up on a Written Response question, this will force you to write the correct answer. If you don't have this enabled, it will just show you the correct answer and move on.

Additional Options (Present after starting the session):

  • Intelligent Grading: An AI feature that grades your written responses through AI and machine learning. This allows you to write your answers in a more natural way, and still get the question correct. This feature is in Beta.
  • Notifications: A simple toggle that allows you to turn on or off messages for the study session. For example after getting a question right, a message would normally pop up like so Nice job! Let's keep it going 🔥.
  • Question Types (After starting the session): You can change the question types on the fly, without having to restart the session. This is useful if you want to switch up the question types you're getting asked.
  • Adaptive Questions (After starting the session): You can turn on or off the adaptive questions without having to restart the session.

Clearing an ongoing session

To clear an ongoing session, enter the Study mode for that set, go to settings, then click Clear Session. This will reset all your progress for that set back to 0.

The "Study" Part

Now that we've gone over the settings and options, let's get into the actual studying part. When you recieve a question, you'll see the answer "area" on the right side of the page. Here's what that looks like for mcq:

Then for true or false:

And, finally for written response:

  • For written response, you will type out the definition or term that you think matches with what is being shown.
  • For true or false, you will click on the True or False button to answer the question.
  • For multiple choice, you will click on the answer that you think is correct.

(Pretty straightforward?)

Overriding Written Response Grading

Sometimes, the grading system will get your answer wrong, even though to you its correct. We're not perfect, and neither is the AI. Rarely, this will happen, and when it does, you can override the grading by clicking on the Override button. This will allow you to get the question correct, even though the AI said you got it wrong. When this happens, just send a quick message using the chat box feature on the bottom left.

"Explain this" feature (beta)

When you get a question wrong and you're having trouble understanding what you did wrong, you can click this button which will explain why your answer didn't match with the correct answer. We're all about learning from you're mistakes :)

Card Badges

There are 4 badges that represent where it is in your study session:

  • New
  • Familiarize
  • Answer Again
  • Mastered

The best way to learn is to just start. So, go ahead, and start your first study session!

Ace that test.