StudySet Page

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Heads Up! Most features in this guide requires you to have an account with OmniSets. If you don't have one, you can sign up for free at OmniSets.

What the page looks like

On the left, you will see a big carousel of all the cards in the set. You can click on the arrows to go to the next card or the previous card. You can also click on the card itself to flip it over and see the other side.

On the right, you will see a row of buttons. The first row represents all the modes this studyset supports. So the first button is Study, the second is Quiz, the third is Match, and the fourth is Spell. The second row represents the different types actions you can do. The first button is ↧ Folder, the second is Edit Set, the third is Edit Cards, and the fourth is Fork.

Below the rows of buttons. You can see a grid of additional actions. These are smaller actions that you can do on the page. For example, you can:

  • Shuffle
  • Enter a more advanced viewing mode (allows you to sort cards by I know this, and I forgot) (also known as Flashcard Mode)
  • Report this set
  • Filter the carousel by starred cards. (Only shows cards that you have starred)

The view of the studyset page will change depending on if the set is public, private link and if you own it or not. But generally speaking, the layout will be the same.

Send a thanks

Only available for sets in the public library.

Click on the Send a thanks button to send a thanks to the author of the set. This will send a notification to the author and will show up in their notifications.

Its a cool way to show your appreciation for the author's hard work ❤️! It's quick and simple!